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Women's Behavioral Health

Maternal-Fetal Psychiatry

Maternal-Fetal Psychiatry

Our MFP service provides care for women experiencing stress or emotional disorders as they progress through the childbearing years. We offer comprehensive education and treatment planning for women with a history of psychiatric illness as they consider family planning decisions, including women receiving assisted reproduction.

We specialize in the identification and treatment of mental illness during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Women's Behavioral Health at the Wexner Medical Center is one of few university centers providing clinical care AND conducting research in these areas. The combination of active research with clinical treatment planning provides access to the latest information. Evaluations include up to date information, articles published in major journals, and comprehensive treatment planning tailored to the individual. The typical situations that are our specialty include:

  • Pre-Conception Evaluation & Counseling: Assisting women who have a history of psychiatric illness and are considering starting their families.
  • Pregnancy Evaluation & Treatment Planning: Women who are already pregnant may benefit from on-going care during pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy for women with a history of psychiatric illness often requires timely decision-making. In addition, the typical physical changes of pregnancy may overlap with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric illnesses – creating diagnostic uncertainty.
  • Postpartum Prevention: Women with a history of postpartum depression or other psychiatric illness are at increased risk to have significant emotional distress following delivery. Not all prevention strategies include medications, and knowledge about medications and other interventions in breastfeeding provide these women with the best opportunity to have the postpartum experience they desire.
  • Postpartum Onset Illness: Postpartum depression has been documented since the time of Hippocrates, yet many women receive little information about postpartum mental illness before delivery. Effective, safe, and expedient treatment of postpartum illness is a cornerstone of the care offered through our MFP service.
  • Pregnancy Loss: We pride ourselves in our ability to help women with psychiatric illness deliver healthy, happy babies. Unfortunately, miscarriages and other pregnancy losses sometimes occur. New and expectant mothers who lose a child may experience not only the grief due to the loss but a sense of isolation from others who don’t seem to understand. Supportive care during this sensitive time is especially important.

What is the cost?
Our services are covered by most insurance companies. All appointments will be pre-authorized by our intake staff. If necessary, you should contact your insurance provider for specific information about coverage under your policy.

Scheduling an appointment
If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call Harding Behavioral Health at (614) 293-9600 to speak to the intake team. When making your appointment, please specify that you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, have recently delivered or have recently experienced a pregnancy loss. Let the intake staff know that you wish to be seen by the Women's Behavioral Health providers.

Follow this link to find directions to OSU Harding Behavioral Health.