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Consultation Liason Psychiatry Service

The CL Service is a multidisciplinary team that is staffed by faculty psychiatrists and a psychologist, psychiatry residents, and medical students. Interns will have the opportunity to provide consultations to hospitalized individuals who have been referred to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health based on the referring physician’s assessment that there is a need for a mental health intervention. Interns will learn to differentiate between delirium or other cognitive deficits that may be causing treatment interfering behaviors. They will play a major role in assessing if there is a need for pharmacological and/or psychological interventions and learn to prioritize those treatments that are available during a patient’s hospital stay. Depending upon logistics, interns may have the opportunity to follow patients that were seen during their hospitalization as outpatients. Each patient that is seen on the service is staffed the same day by the team thus providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary group supervision. Interns will also receive individual supervision for those patients for whom they are the assigned mental health professional. This experience can be structured for up to 6 months or for a shorter period of time.