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Our Residents

We are excited to have been approved to increase our complement from 6 per year to 8 per year and will be transitioning the schedule from 2013 to 2014.

Our Resident classes for the 2013-2014 year:





Sath Gurumurthy, MD
Chief Resident


Molly Hawke, MD


Chris Nadorff, MD




Kevin Reeves, MD
Chief Resident


Johanna Wilson, MD


Fei Zhang, MD




Alyson Bell, MD
Chief Resident


Lukasz Lozanski, MD


Douglas Misquitta, MD


William Pierson, MD


Samuel Weber, MD


Scott Yoho, DO




Rita Aouad, MD

Valerie Dombrowski, DO

Amanda Pedrick, MD


David Sahadevan, MD

Igor Tatarintsev, DO

Jacqueline Vanderburgh, MD




Stephen Ching, DO

Kevin Johns, MD

Luke Misquitta, MD


Swathi Narahari, MD

Jessica Short, DO

Alan Szymanski, MD