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Trainee Supervision and Duty Hours

Residents are assigned a faculty supervisor on each respective rotation. Supervision occurs on a daily basis at all postgraduate levels. The supervisor-trainee experience is collaborative, involving formal and informal sessions addressing clinical experiences, professionalism, theoretical concepts, application of knowledge, and psychodynamic formulation. Faculty is reflective and mindful of each resident’s need to develop autonomy in clinical decision-making and will work with you to help further this goal.

There are several expectations of faculty involved in the psychiatry residency program:

  • Faculty are required to provide daily supervision of residents assigned to their service. This includes oversight of the resident’s professional conduct, patient care, accrual and application of knowledge, systems-based functioning and verbal and written communication abilities. While the magnitude of supervision varies in relationship to the resident’s training, faculty interact daily with each resident.
  • The minimum requirement for residency training is two hours of structured supervision each week, but this value is substantially greater, occurring daily and depending on rotation, acuity, and other factors.
  • Faculty are responsible for providing regular feedback to the resident regarding their performance, including suggested improvements.

The OSU Department of Psychiatry is highly committed to maintaining a high quality of life and educational environment for trainees as well as a safe environment for patient care; therefore the Department strictly adheres to ACGME duty hour requirements. Duty hours are defined as all clinical and academic activities related to the training program including patient care, on-call, administrative responsibilities such as dictation or completion of progress notes, and scheduled academic events.