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STAR Initiatives

STAR goals and major initiatives

The STAR Program provides evidence-based clinical services, trauma education, and research. These services are offered using an integrated approach combining physical and mental health perspectives. The Program's vision is one in which healthcare professionals work together to develop best practices and partner with patients who will drive the recovery process. The STAR Program addresses the effects of psychological trauma and stress on patients and families as well as their impact on healthcare providers.

 STAR Clinical Services

The goal is to offer personalized care based on an individual's unique history, biology, behavior and environment to provide the maximum support for victims of trauma and their families.

Highlights of current activities include: 

  •  Development of an outpatient clinic offering various integrated therapeutic interventions provided by healthcare professionals experienced in treating individuals suffering from the impact of traumatic stress.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) crisis intervention services for staff after the experience of difficult events. These services provide staff time to debrief and defuse as well as to grieve losses after a traumatic situation. Aftercare and follow-up are critical aspects of the CISM program.
  • Implementation and dissemination of resilience-building strategies including Mindfulness-based interventions and the Relaxation Response.
  • Development of Wellness Spaces for nurses and frontline medical staff to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue and their effects on personnel and patient care.