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The Division of Public and Community Psychiatry

Reaching out to the Community with Education, Research and Patient Care

On September 2, 2009, The OSU Department of Psychiatry officially launched The OSU Division of Public and Community Psychiatry. Dr. Ken Thompson, Medical Director of the Center for Mental Health Services at the Substance ABuse and Mental Health Services Administration Division gave his presentation Best Practices in Public and Community Psychiatry to an audience of over 75 OSU faculty and Central Ohio community partners, and participated in a series of meetings with experts in the area of Public and Community Psychiatry from around the State of Ohio.

The OSU Division of Public and Community Psychiatry is designed to better prepare psychiatrists-in-training for their future roles within the community mental health system. Such an undertaking will in turn positively influence outcomes for patients and their families, as well as provide residents with greater understanding of community health systems and underscore the importance of their roles as physicians and advocates for their patients.


To further academic and community mental health collaboration in the areas of education, evidence-based care and research.


The OSU Department of Psychiatry will serve as a resource to trainees and to the community in evidence-based treatments and recovery focused care.


The OSU Department of Psychiatry and the Division of Public and Community Psychiatry will collaborate with The OSU Medical Center and community partners to provide excellent education to psychiatric residents and others, offer evaluation and research opportunities and promote high quality care for persons served in public and community settings. The program will recognize excellence in teaching and care, provide lectures, discussion and positive supervised educational experiences in community settings.

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Supports Psychiatry Research and Leadership Training for Psychiatrists Working in Public Mental Health Systems