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About the Department

The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


To improve the quality of life for children, their families, and their communities through excellence in pediatric behavioral health care.


A preeminent division of child and adolescent psychiatry and behavioral health characterized by a public health focus and excellence in clinical care, advocacy, research, and education.


With roots in both psychiatry and pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry is the branch of medicine dedicated to the assessment and management of problems and disorders of emotion, thinking, and behavior in children and adolescents. Because modern behavioral health care is interdisciplinary by definition, our child and adolescent psychiatrists work collaboratively with professionals trained in a broad array of disciplines such as nursing, psychology, social work and counseling, providing medical leadership within multidisciplinary teams.

Our goal is team based care that is more than the sum of the work of the individual professionals working alone and that incorporates state of the art evidence based psychotherapeutic and somatic treatments in keeping with high standards of quality, safety and customer satisfaction.


Our Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has experienced unparalleled growth following a forward looking collaboration between The Ohio State University Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH). Offering services at OSU Harding Hospital, Nisonger Center and NCH and at different levels of care intensity (e.g., outpatient, community and home based services, and inpatient), this collaborative venture serves children and families struggling with pediatric mental disorders and problems coping with life challenges such as chronic physical illness and psychological trauma. Our faculty and staff collaborate effectively with colleagues across The Ohio State University and in community, as well as on the state, national and international levels.